CBD Nanoemulsion

Nanoemulsion is the technique of choice for CBD and hemp cannabinoid infused beverages, energy drinks and shots

8/3/20232 min read

CBD nanoemulsion dropletsCBD nanoemulsion droplets

The cannabis industry has been revolutionized by CBD (cannabidiol) nanoemulsion, a groundbreaking technology that has gained immense popularity. This innovative approach entails the breakdown of CBD oil into minuscule droplets, typically ranging from 20 to 200 nanometers in diameter. This process significantly amplifies its absorption rate, thereby augmenting its bioavailability and overall effectiveness. Nanoemulsion is skillfully crafted through high shear force mixing, assisted by emulsifiers, resulting in superior product consistency, stability, and an extended shelf life compared to regular emulsions. Remarkably, nanoemulsion remains resilient in the face of dilution, temperature fluctuations, and pH alterations, making it compatible with various beverage bottling and pasteurization techniques. As such, concentrated CBD nanoemulsion stands as a versatile independent ingredient.

Many web contents inaccurately link nanoemulsion with nanoparticles, which generally refer to solid nanoparticles. Nanoemulsion is also called lipid nanoparticle, differentiating it from solid nanoparticles such as SiO2. While there is some safety concern with solid nanoparticle, lipid nanoparticle or nanoemulsion is generally believed to have low or no toxicity. One famous example is that Covid vaccine uses nano emulsion as the delivery vehicle.

An exciting application of CBD nanoemulsion emerges in the realm of infused beverages. By infusing nano-sized CBD particles into beverages such as water, coffee, or juice, individuals can now relish the benefits of CBD in a convenient and refreshing manner. Diverging from conventional CBD-infused products, which often lack product integrity (64% of CBD beverages receiving a failing grade for label claims, according to industry watchdogs), suffer from limited shelf life, and possess a strong earthy flavor, CBD nanoemulsion-infused beverages provide a consistently enjoyable and palatable experience. Moreover, the tiny nano particles are readily absorbed by the body, ensuring quicker and more potent effects. Whether one seeks a soothing cup of CBD-infused tea or an invigorating CBD-infused energy drink, the realm of CBD-infused beverages has been expanded significantly by the advancements of nanoemulsion technology. This innovative approach can also be employed in the creation of personal care products containing cannabinoids.

Most commercially available nanoemulsions rely on artificial emulsifiers for their formulations. In contrast, our proprietary formula is composed entirely of natural ingredients recognized as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) by the US FDA, aligning with the growing demand for clean label products. The advantages of nanoemulsion encompass:

  • Ensuring a uniform and consistent product for a dependable experience.

  • Elevating the absorption rate and maximizing bioavailability.

  • Facilitating rapid action and swift onset of effects.

  • Enabling precise dosing, reducing variations in absorption.

  • Demonstrating robust physical stability, impervious to dilution, temperature shifts, and pH changes.

In essence, CBD nanoemulsion technology has ushered in a new era of possibilities in the realm of CBD-infused beverages and beyond. There are few different high shear mixers that can produce nanoemulsion, each has its own pros and cons. Please click here to see different type of CBD nnaoemulsion. We talk about how to select the right equipment for preparing nanoemulsion in this episode. Feel free to contact us if you want to learn what equipment fits your needs and budget.